Lipotropic Injections


 Lipotropic injections have many weight loss benefits. Some of the weight loss benefits include;

  1. Reducing fat storage
  2. Increasing the rate of metabolism
  3. Increasing energy levels.

Lipotropic nutrients play important roles in utilizing body fat. The nutrients, for instance, enhance the role of the gallbladder and the liver by decreasing fat deposition and speeding up metabolism and removal of fat. Lipotropic injections reduce appetite and increase the body’s natural ability to burn fats. Using lipotropic injections alongside exercise and proper diet can, therefore, help in speeding up weight loss significantly.

 There are four types of lipotropics. One type is known as Methionine which is an essential amino acid and a major lipotropic compound common in humans. The human body requires methionine most when the estrogen levels are high. Estrogen is responsible for reducing the flow of bile through the liver and increasing bile cholesterol levels. Methionine, on the other hand, deactivates estrogens’. 

 Methionine also regulates sulfur compounds such as glutathione, which is common in the liver. Glutathione and small proteins (sulfur-containing peptides) play a crucial role in protecting the body against toxic compounds. When the levels of toxic compounds are high, the body requires more methionine. Without lipotropics i.e. inositol and choline, bile and fat can be trapped in the liver which can, in turn, cause severe health problems such as liver cirrhosis. Lack of essential lipotropics can also block fat metabolism.

Choline is an essential lipotropic for fat metabolism. Choline is critical for proper functioning of the liver. Choline also works like a methyl donor.

Inositol also exerts lipotropic effects like choline. Inositol is an unofficial B vitamin. Inositol has in the past been able to cure panic attacks and relieve depression.

Adenosine Phosphate occurs naturally in the body and is responsible for increasing energy. Adenosine Phosphate also has positive weight loss effects on the mood and stamina of a person.