Cancer Screening

 Prevention is a cornerstone of Dr. Nichols approach to eliminating cancer. You can reduce your risk and your family’s risk for cancer by making healthy lifestyle choices, getting screened and vaccinating your children.

We offer a range of services to help you learn how to reduce your cancer risk or to detect cancer early at its most treatable stage. Cancer screening exams are based on age, gender and disease risk. Risk assessment and risk reduction services are available as well as diagnostic evaluation services.

When you’re healthy and not experiencing symptoms of cancer, a screening exam can be used to find cancer early, for the best chance at successful treatment. We provide cancer screening services for the most common cancers:

  •  Breast cancer A clinical breast exam and screening mammogram can help detect early breast cancers.

  • Cervical cancer Human papillomavirus (HPV) testing identifies women at risk of cervical cancer due to an infection with the virus. A Pap smear test is administered to detect abnormal cells in the cervix.

  • Colorectal cancer: Conventional and virtual colonoscopies

  • Prostate cancer A digital rectal exam and PSA blood test

  • Skin cancer A thorough examination of the skin is performed. A skin biopsy may be performed for suspicious lesions.

  • Lung cancer For former and current heavy smokers who meet screening criteria, we offer a low-dose CT scan.

Clinics and Programs

 If you have symptoms of cancer but have not yet been diagnosed, our specialized staff can perform screenings and other tests to confirm a cancer diagnosis:

  • Undiagnosed Breast Cancer - Screening and second opinion services are available if you find a lump or have an abnormal mammogram or ultrasound.

  • Undiagnosed Dermatology Cancer We offer biopsies and head-to-toe evaluations for skin cancer, as well as education on how to reduce your risk.

  • Undiagnosed Gynecology Cancer If you have an abnormal Pap test, family history or other concerns related to gynecologic cancers, our experts can perform additional testing to determine if treatment is needed.

  • Healthy Heart Program We help patients improve their fitness and heart health with a personalized exercise routine and counseling.

  • Healthy Living Clinic Our staff provides detailed guidance on how to reduce your cancer risk through diet and exercise.