Primary medical care

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What is Primary Medical Care?

 Primary medical care refers to the type of medical care you need now — before you get ill before you need a specialist before you need to go to the hospital. With an emphasis on family practice and internal medicine, as your primary care provider, Dr. Nichols will address your vital healthcare needs by:

  • Concentrating on prevention and screening

  • Working in conjunction with you to plan your healthcare

  • Serving as a hub for medical information with an all-inclusive, accurate and secure depot for your records

  • Coordinating your tests, treatments, specialist visits and hospitalizations

  • Providing easily understandable guidance, insight, and advice

  • Offering cost-effective solutions to better manage medical expenses

  From preventive medicine to holistic integrative care, we leverage the latest medical research, our collective experience and feedback from you to keep you healthy—whether you’re already in good health, suffering from a minor cold or experiencing a life-altering ailment.  

  Imagine having a physician who knows you and your family and can help with just about any health concern that you may have.  We provide urgent, primary, and preventive care for all ages, including newborns, children, adolescents, and adults.  

  Above all, Dr. Nichols and her staff offer continuity. In your journey to become and remain as healthy as possible, we are your partners for the long term