Personalized Diet & exercise plan with coaching


 Many of our programs at Ideal Weight Loss & Cosmetic Center involve reducing your caloric intake. However, when we say “diet”, we are not just talking about a short-term (and exasperating!) plan to eat less. By determining the nutritional density of foods, you will learn not about “dieting” but learn to make healthier choices, allowing your diet to work for you, instead of leaving you hungry and feeling deprived.  Our expert medical staff will devise the best, most effective strategy that takes into account any health concerns, along with your goals and your routine, to ensure that the changes are as simple to implement as possible. 

 We understand that weight loss is so much more than just a physical problem, with issues like self-discipline, inspiration, and even forgiveness playing a role in positive weight management. Ideal Weight Loss & Cosmetic Center offers personal counseling from our highly qualified experts in the fields of behavioral weight loss, exercise, relaxation techniques, stress management and lifestyle strategies to provide the wisdom, expertise, and support for you to discover, design, and live your best life. 

 Ideal Weight Loss & Cosmetic Center will work with you to simplify your challenges, control your life, and make empowering choices.  We make sure that you focus on achieving both success and happiness.

While focusing on each person’s total health, we have developed valuable expertise in teaching people what they need to know to manage their weight and overall health. We emphasize the safest treatment, skills, and behaviors needed to live a healthier, happier life. Rejuvalife offers many different approaches tailored to each person’s unique needs to successfully lose the excess weight forever.

During your personal consultation, Columbus Weight Loss Physician, Dr. Gina Nichols, will address the results of a variety of diagnostic procedures, including a physical exam, health history, hormone levels, metabolic testing, body composition analysis and food sensitivities, to determine individual health risk factors and other issues that will allow her to plan a personalized health care program tailor-made just for you. With the goal in mind of eradicating any obstacles that are standing in way of lifelong weight management, Dr. Nichols will discuss the many facets of weight loss and introduce new scientific discoveries as they affect healthy fat loss.

At Ideal Weight Loss & Cosmetic Center, we offer a variety of weight loss programs designed to help you lose weight both safely and effectively while making sure to keep the weight off for the long-term. Each of our programs will be tailored for you to accommodate your medical conditions, physical limitations, and personal health goals.  Each of our programs consists of a comprehensive approach to your health and well-being such as, reduced calorie diets, lifestyle modification, medications, fitness, nutrition, advanced medical testing and hormone balancing.