Hcg Injections


 Human chorionic gonadotrophin (HCG) is a hormone that is naturally produced by women during pregnancy. The main function of HCG hormone is to make sure that pregnant women don’t feel hungry as their bodies supply food/nourishment to their unborn babies. HCG provides energy by burning body fat in pregnant women especially during low-calorie intake to prevent hunger or weakness. 

 At our Ideal Weight Loss & Cosmetic Center in Columbus, OH, we offer weight loss programs that include HCG injections and personalized diet plans all supervised by doctors. HCG provokes selective and intensive fat burning around the thighs, hips, and abdomen. This HCG weight loss is helpful for our clients around Columbus who are struggling to lose weight especially around the mid-section of their bodies. Our HCG weight loss is effective for people who want to lose weight fast i.e. 1 pound daily. We teach our clients how to administer daily HCG injections. We offer our weight loss program to both men and women around Columbus including; Pickerington, Lancaster, Reynoldsburg, Health, Newark and all parts of Central Ohio. 

 At Ideal Weight Loss & Cosmetic Center in Columbus, OH we offer one of the best HCG weight loss programs which start with painless mini-injections of HCG administered daily. We make a point of teaching our clients everything necessary to ensure that the end results of weight loss are beyond satisfactory. The duration of our weight loss program depends mainly on the weight our clients want to lose. For instance, anyone who wants to lose 15 pounds requires approximately 23 HCG injections daily. For patients who want to lose more than 15 pounds, the weight loss treatment program takes longer. The number of HCG injections can’t, however, exceed 36 injections.

If our weight loss program is followed by the letter i.e. a combination of HCG injections and our special diet plan, you can lose up to one pound a day without feeling weak or hungry. Our program is proven to meet our customers’ expectations. In fact, our program has been in use for over four decades yielding impressive results for individuals looking to lose weight fast. At Ideal Weight Loss & Cosmetic Center in Columbus, OH. 75% of all our clients experience significant weight loss success i.e. losing 4 – 5 pounds weekly.