Prescription Weight Loss Drugs


 At Ideal Weight Loss and Cosmetic Center, we work in partnership with our patients to implement nutritional and lifestyle changes. Our weight loss program starts with a comprehensive evaluation of the patient’s health, blood test results, physical examination, and dietary history. We develop a customized medical weight loss program just for you.

Our programs achieve not only successful weight loss, but lasting weight loss, so you can look forward to living the rest of your life at a comfortable, healthy weight.

Our program offers nutrition counseling, body composition assessment, complete blood panel, EKG, prescription appetite suppressants, Diet Shot with a fat burner to increase metabolism, B12 injections, B-complex vitamins, and supplements.

  • Monthly follow-up visits to help keep you on track

  • Individual attention at every office visit

  • Safe and effective weight loss with close monitoring

  • Realistic goal setting based on your individual needs

  • A focus on providing information that will help keep weight off long-term

  • Fitness and Exercise counseling

 Our staff is devoted to helping you reach your weight loss goals.

Prescription weight-loss drugs work in one of two ways. They can suppress your appetite and increase your metabolism by altering the activity of chemical brain messengers called neurotransmitters. Drugs that do this include phentermine. The second type of weight-loss drug reduces the body’s ability to absorb fat. Dr. Nichols will look at your specific situation and determine which type may be best for you, taking into account your medical history and the potential side effects and interactions of each drug.

However, prescription weight-loss drugs are not magical potions. We recommend they be used in conjunction with behavior modification and nutritional counseling so that you can make long-term changes in your diet and activity patterns. You’ll also need to see visit Dr. Nichols regularly. Studies indicate if you don’t lose four pounds in four weeks, it is unlikely the drug will contribute to significant weight loss.

Columbus weight-loss drugs can only be effective when used along with a structured diet and exercise program. Keeping the weight off requires a healthy change in daily life for the long term. If you don’t make lifestyle changes, the weight will return

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