Lipodissolve Fat Dissolving Injections


 LipoDissolve is an injection containing natural enzymes that digest fat cells. LipoDissolve contains two enzymes namely; Phosphatidylcholine (PC) and Deoxycholate (DC). Both enzymes are found abundantly in the body. According to researchers, the enzymes are both safe. For instance, PC is found abundantly in human cell walls and for a long time PC has been used to promote cell health and lower cholesterol levels. DC, on the other hand, is a synthetic bile salt which is produced by the liver for a break down ingested fats. 

 Ideal Weight Loss & Cosmetic Center in Columbus, OH was among the first medical practices to perform LipoDissolve in Central Ohio. We have performed countless treatments to date helping countless patients to achieve benefits of body contouring procedures that are non-surgical.

We understand the pain and struggles associated with trying to lose stubborn fat in areas of the body that are resistant to exercise and diet. We also understand the fact that some people are predisposed genetically to accumulate and carry fat in certain areas of the body while other people may experience changes in their body shape as a result of medical conditions.

 LipoDissolve involves non-surgical body contouring of fat pockets which are resistant to exercise and diet. It is important to note that this weight loss technique isn’t for individuals who are twenty pounds over their ideal body weight.

The treatment involves an application of anesthetic cream two hours prior to treatment in order to minimize pain and discomfort caused by injections. For treatment administered to small fat pockets, approximately five treatments are required on that particular area. Each separate treatment procedure is carried out 6 weeks apart.

Common LipoDissolve treatments include:


  1. Under the jowls and chin
  2. At the back of the arms
  3. Front and/or side of the abdomen
  4. At the back under the bra line
  5. Male fatty chest
  6. Upper and lower hips
  7. Upper and inner thighs